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Here’s how The Hartford claims team responds when disaster strikes:

1. Claim response teams set up just beyond impact areas in advance of major weather events to ensure they can assist customers as quickly as possible.
The Hartford employs dedicated catastrophe claim handlers, who focus solely on major events, and “large loss” adjusters, who focus on the most significant and complex losses including catastrophe claims.

2. Leaders in our centralized Catastrophe Claims Operation deploy staff, direct activity and coordinate communication to ensure a swift and effective response.
The Hartford’s Catastrophe Claims Operation is strategically located in the Chicago area, away from the most common severe weather targets, to ensure continuous operation. It houses catastrophe claim leadership, desk-based adjusters, and administrative staff to manage and support our onsite operations.

3. Mobile technology allows our claim teams to issue payments on site.
The right technology in the hands of our claim teams helps ensure they stay organized, remain in communication with leadership and, regardless of physical obstacles, can find customers—and help them as quickly as possible.

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