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Paying Your Claims

A Moment of Truth

Claims Chief John Kinney says our
people make the difference.

Storm Sandy hit the East Coast with a haymaker in late 2012, knocking out power to millions, causing billions of dollars in flood and wind damage to businesses and homes, and disrupting countless lives in its path. The Hartford sustained more than $370 million in claims, among the highest recorded by any property-and-casualty insurer.

The storm, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, highlighted both the importance of the P&C industry and the value of its products, according to The Hartford’s CEO, Liam McGee. He told fellow industry CEOs speaking at an industry forum that the catastrophe was a test of character.

"I took pride in our company's and the industry's response," McGee said. "Our claims teams were working by flashlight and by candlelight. It was a great moment of truth for our industry."

The Hartford's claimants agreed. They conveyed heartfelt messages of thanks about The Hartford's compassionate and responsive claim services as adjusters and other support staff worked around the clock. The Hartford responded to more than 37,000 claimants, taking steps to help ensure their safety and comfort after damage to homes, quickly assessing losses to personal and business property, and helping people take the first steps along the road to recovery.

The Hartford annually handles more than one million property-casualty claims and continues to set itself apart by consistently providing customers responsive, caring and competent service. When you need us most, we are truly at our best.

Making a Difference

Adjuster David Moses
Claims adjuster David Moses talks about why he finds his job so rewarding.

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Stepping Up


When it comes to taking care of customers, our employees in claims make all the difference.

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