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Customer Needs
Are Our Needs

Hear from employees who work to make a difference.




Best Practices

Elizabeth O'Neill

"The customer – will experience better execution, better quality products brought to market sooner … ultimately, yielding a higher-value to the customer. So they may not see behind the scenes that we are making and executing decisions more efficiently and more effectively, but they're going to feel that because the value they receive from The Hartford is going to be better."

Elizabeth O'Neill
Assistant Vice President, Talent Management

The Hartford Difference

Vicki Pace

"The difference is in the way in which we deliver the service, the difference is in the importance of the product features and the knowledge of our staff and how we work with our insureds through those losses."

Vicky Pace
Vice President, Field Claims

What's Your Disaster Plan?

What are the odds you’ll experience a natural disaster? Considering all the types of natural disasters – floods, blizzards, earthquakes – and everything in between, it may be more likely than you think.

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Planning For Today

For some people, planning just seems like yet another task to add to an already long list. But the reality is, if you devote just a small part of every day to plan, you’ll likely find yourself with more time on your hands ... and more money in the bank.

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General Liability

No business should be without coverage to protect the firm from lawsuits and claims.

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