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Flexible Disability
Insurance Coverage

Help protect their income
and your bottom line

Short-term disability insurance helps protect the income of those who become ill or injured outside of work, and helps them get back to work faster.

DisabilityFLEX® is short-term disability insurance that can complement the benefits currently offered and can be customized to fit employes’s specific business needs.

What’s Covered

Like most short-term disability plans, DisabilityFLEX covers all major injuries and illnesses that occur outside of work. But it also covers many incidences you might not expect, such as:

  • Rehab
  • Maternity leave
  • Runner's knee
  • Whiplash 
  • Surgery recovery
  • Bunion removal
  • Stress/anxiety disorders
  • Tendonitis
  • Herniated disks
  • Broken bones
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

How It’s Flexible

DisabilityFLEX® can be customized with some specific objectives in mind, whether it's affordability to employees or coverage that can bridge the gap to long-term disability benefits.

Employers can select two options from each of the following:

  1. When coverage starts. Commencement options include 8, 15, 30 days.
  2. How long coverage lasts. Duration options include 13, 26, 52, 1041 weeks.

Employees can then choose from the options their employer provides. In addition, they can choose how much they receive – a weekly flat dollar amount ($100-$1000), up to 60% of their earnings.

A variety of plan options are available including:

  • Lowest Cost Plan – offers the longest start dates/the shortest durations.
  • Short-term Plan – offers the shortest Benefit Commencement Periods/the shortest Benefit Durations.
  • Long-term Plan – has the longest Benefit Durations.
  • Broadest Coverage Plan – provides the shortest and longest start date and duration ranges.
  • Transition to Social Security – transitions smoothly into SSDI/Medicare benefit periods.
  • Accompanying LTD Plan – coordinate Duration Period with any Elimination Period for the best match with your clients’ LTD benefits.

Once employers customize their plan offering, employees then have the flexibility to choose the start date, duration and weekly benefit amount that suit their needs.

Why It’s Valuable 

Employers want to offer employees better benefits while still controlling costs.

100% employee-funded DisabilityFLEX® allows employers to do both. Whether used to complement an existing benefits package or as a new stand-alone benefit, it offers attractive, affordable protection.

Beyond the Benefit

Employers care about their employees. So do we. We go beyond the benefit with built-in, value-added employee services to support their recovery – at no extra cost to your clients or their employees.

From education to enrollment to claims, we offer innovative tools and best-in-class service. With DisabilityFLEX employees can access the following value-added services:

  • Ability Assist®1 – confidential support for emotional, legal and financial issues
  • HealthChampion℠2 – offers unlimited access to benefit specialists and nurses for administrative and clinical support to address medical care and claims concerns.3 

1 Offered through ComPsych®, the largest provider of Employee Assistance Programs, managed behavioral health and work-life crises intervention. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services. For more information on ComPsych, visit 

2 HealthChampion℠ services are provided through The Hartford by ComPsych®. ComPsych is not affiliated with The Hartford and is not a provider of insurance services.

3 HealthChampion specialists are only available during business hours. Inquiries outside of this timeframe can either request a call-back the next day or schedule an appointment.


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