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Absence Insights

Innovative Thinking
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Absence Management

The Benefits of Absence Management are Getting Clearer

Integrating absence management programs and outsourcing leave management programs can help businesses relieve the burden of administration while reducing costs and return-to-work times – all while improving the employee experience. 

Help Obtain Reduced Costs 

Employers who integrate absence programs such as short- and long-term disability, workers' compensation as well as other federal and state job-protected leave programs, such as the Family Medical Leave Act, have a potential to experience cost savings. 

Help Obtain Reduced Costs

Helps to Improve Compliance

Integrated absence management programs can help employers to stay compliant with evolving and complex legislation.

 Improved Compliance

Simplified Leave Administration

Time-strapped HR managers can reduce the time they spend keeping track of employee absences and evolving leave legislation. Outsourcing remains a consistent and key trend in leave management, with mid-sized (500-4,999 employee) employers increasing their rate of outsourcing since 2011 and many employers mentioning it as part of their future strategy.7

 Simplified Administration


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Advantages of Clinical Intake by Nurses

A claim intake process that begins with an experienced nurse can help improve return-to-work outcomes. And we have the numbers to prove it.


Helping to Reduce the Sting of Absenteeism for Small Business

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to the impact of employee absence. Learn about the three big challenges of unplanned absences and what approach employers can take to address related issues.


Demystifying the ADAAA Leave Accommodation Process

Understanding ADAAA complexities and implementing standardized procedures is essential to meeting employer obligations. Learn some practical tips on how employers can navigate the reasonable accommodation process.


Tax Incentives Can Help to Cover Job Accommodation Costs

Think that making job accommodations can be costly? Think again. Over 50% of employer job accommodations cost nothing, others are quite low and tax incentives for some common provisions can help offset the costs.


How The Hartford Can Help

The Hartford has been a leading provider of absence management services since 2001, helping companies control costs while reducing the risk and complexity of administering employee leaves.

  • Single source to report leaves or claims, on the phone or online.
  • Experienced support on family and medical leave issues involving leave legislation.
  • Partnerships with experienced vendors to expedite transitions to SSDI.
  • New interactive tools for a better window into absences and smarter analytics to identify trends.


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