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Canadian Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies and Practices of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
Canadian Operations (herein called “we, our, and us”)

This Privacy Policy applies to our Canadian Operations

We value your trust. We are committed to the responsible:
a) management;
b) use; and
c) protection;
d) of your Personal Information.

This notice describes how we, with your express or implied consent or as otherwise permitted or required by law, collect, use, disclose, and protect Personal Information. We collect Personal Information to:
a) service your Transactions with us; and
b) support our business functions.

We may obtain Personal Information from:
a) You;
b) your Transactions with us; and
c) Third parties such as a consumer reporting agency.

Based on the type of product or service You apply for or get from us, Personal Information such as:
a) your Name;
b) your address;
c) your income;
d) your payment; or
e) your credit history
may be gathered from sources such as applications, Transactions, and consumer reports.

To serve you and service our business, we may share certain Personal Information.

Your Personal Information may be shared with our operations in the United States or other jurisdictions outside Canada, including with contractors, agents or administrators under contract to perform services on our behalf and located in those foreign jurisdictions. If your Personal Information is shared, stored and/or processed in foreign jurisdictions, your Personal Information may be subject to the foreign jurisdiction’s laws and available to its courts, regulatory agencies and law enforcement authorities.

We may share Personal Information with unaffiliated third parties including;
a) independent agents;
b) brokerage firms;
c) insurance companies;
d) administrators; and
e) service providers;
who help us serve you and service our business.

All such contractors, agents and administrators are required to maintain Personal Information in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy.

With your consent or when allowed by law, we may use or share certain Personal Information with other unaffiliated third parties who assist us for the optional purpose of performing services or functions such as:
a) taking surveys;
b) marketing our products or services; or
c) offering financial products or services under a joint marketing agreement between us and one or more financial institutions.

We will not sell or share your Personal Information with anyone for these optional purposes without offering you the opportunity to:
a) “opt out”; or
b) “opt-in”;
as required by law.

We only disclose Personal Health Information with:
a) your written authorization; or
b) as otherwise allowed or required by law.

Our employees have access to Personal Information in the course of doing their jobs, such as:
a) underwriting polices;
b) paying claims;
c) developing new products; or
d) advising customers of our products and services.

We limit access to your Personal Information to those employees who require such access to perform their job-related duties. Employees who violate our Privacy Policy will be subject to discipline, which may include ending their employment with us.

We use manual and electronic security procedures to maintain:
a) the confidentiality; and
b) the integrity of;
Personal Information in our possession. We use these procedures to guard against unauthorized access and disclosure of such Personal Information.

a) identify information to be protected; and
b) provide an adequate level of protection appropriate to the sensitivity of the Personal Information.

Some techniques we use to protect Personal Information include:
a) secure files;
b) user authentication;
c) encryption;
d) firewall technology; and
e) the use of detection software.

At the start of our business relationship, we will give you a copy of our current Privacy Policy.

We will also give you a copy of our current Privacy Policy once a year if you maintain a continuing business relationship with us.

We will continue to follow our Privacy Policy regarding Personal Information even when a business relationship no longer exists between us.

You may request reasonable access to your Personal Information and seek correction of any inaccurate Personal Information.

You may withdraw your consent to our use of your Personal Information. However, if you do so, our ability to provide, or continue to provide, products, coverage and/or services to you may be affected.

For general information, information about our privacy practices, complaints, or written access requests, contact:

The Hartford (Canadian Branch)
Attn: Illona Kirsh, Privacy Officer
121 King Street West, Suite 1010, Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 3T9
Phone: 1.888.898.8334
Fax: 1.416.733.0510

As used in the Privacy Notice:

Application means your request for our product or service.

Personal Financial Information means financial information such as:
a) credit history;
b) income;
c) financial benefits; or
d) policy or claim information.

Personal Health Information means health information such as:
a) your medical records; or
b) information about your illness, disability or injury.

Personal Information means information that identifies you personally. It includes:
a) Personal Financial Information; and
b) Personal Health Information.
It does not include your business contact information collected or used by us relating to your employment, business or profession.

Transaction means your business dealings with us, such as:
a) your Application;
b) your request for us to pay a claim; and
c) your request for us to take action on your account.

You means an individual who has given us Personal Information in conjunction with:
a) asking about;
b) applying for; or
c) obtaining;
a financial product or service from us.

HPP Revised September 2012